Friday, August 25, 2017

Garden Friday

Another Garden Friday is upon us.
Cooler temperatures are gracing our area this weekend,
a nod, perchance, to autumn?
Some fall crops have been started,
with many more in the works.
With the weather cooperating,
I can hardly wait to get out there and get dirty!
Let's check and see what's "growin'" on...

While most of our neighbors' tomatoes are pretty well done,
we have green globes on the vine.
It's such a thrill to see these gems growing,
as this has been my personal goal for some time.
Once harvested, I will consider myself a proper farmer.

 With several varieties maturing at different times,
there should be a good sampling.

 The jalapenos were so easy to grow,
I will definitely be planting peppers again in the spring.

 The Vates curly kale has been up,
but the Dino variety never germinated.
I'll be reseeding that in the next day or two.
Love me some kale!

Germination was hit-or-miss with the chioggia beets,
(you can see them coming up on the right),
so they will be reseeded,
as well as adding a pot of Detroit Red beets to the mix.

 Slenderette green beans are coming along,
although I want to start another couple of plants going.

 The sugar snap peas are still hanging in there,
and I'm hoping that this change in the weather will help them get some height.
More of these will also be started in another pot.
Snap peas are one thing I can't get enough of!

 New seedlings of broccoli emerged this week,

as well as eggplant.
These had been eaten by something at the seedling stage before,
so I'm hoping that these make it past that.

 All the lettuce on the deck is doing well.
Once the cooler weather sticks around,
these pots will be moved to the main garden area.
Here, we have Red Sails,

and Buttercrunch.
Red Salad Bowl and two types of spinach are also growing out there.
It's wonderful to have a few different varieties in a salad.

 The parsley is bursting out of its pot.
Some of this may be transplanted out front,
so that the butterflies can use it as a host plant.
Black swallowtails and others need this plant to survive.

I'm hoping to carve out some time this weekend
to plant some seeds.
The main garden area is still in the planning stages,
so it will be my goal to get all the materials together
so that I can start on that come spring.
For now, our little veggie patch suits me just fine.

How's your fall garden coming along?

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