Friday, August 4, 2017

Garden Friday

Happy Birthday, Big K!
We are so glad you were born!

On Tuesday,
mention was made about the community garden
in Mount Holly.
It's a couple of blocks from the farmers' market
and well worth the trip.

Welcome to the  

This garden was started two years ago
 and has been nurtured by gardeners and volunteers ever since.

The buildings you see were built by those giving their time and skills.
Grants were awarded for much of the materials.

The compost bins are well-marked,
ensuring that folks are contributing to the correct spot
with their garden leftovers.

This beautiful shed and pergola serve as a respite for those working on beds
and act as a meeting place for the community.
There are classes on gardening, cooking and sustainability held here.

The 52 beds are leased  for under $50 a season by individuals who embrace organic methods.
Folks are free to grow whatever they like,
be it vegetables or flowers.
Many beds host a combination.

With plenty of working space allotted,
gardeners can spend as much time as is needed
to create the bed of their dreams.
Pertinent information can be posted here to read at one's leisure.

Several adaptive beds are available 
for those who may have difficulty bending over
or just need an easier way to get around their crops.

The brick pathway is dotted with sponsored bricks.
The money donated goes right back into the program.

Gorgeous displays of nearby perennials foster pollinators
and encourage their presence.

When this picture was taken in the last weekend of July,
you can see that the beds are bursting with goodness.

Tomatoes that have still yet to ripen...

share space with some that are ready for sampling.

This cherry variety will keep this family in maters
for a good, long while.

One of the designations of the community garden is in the giving back.
The families who grow here promise to donate part of their harvest
to the local food bank.
Everyone wins in this endeavor.

For those who may be away from their bed for a time,
other gardeners step in and water for them.
Gardeners helping gardeners, what could be better?

This touch of whimsy grabbed my attention.
I've only seen these "tipsy-pots" fashioned with terra cotta pots,
but I like this one even better!
It makes me want to add one to our mailbox planter!

There's so much to see here.
It is open to the public,
but picking is strictly forbidden, unless you are the grower.
There is a serenity here that affirms the good deeds being done.

If you're ever in this neck of the woods,
I would strongly encourage you to visit.
You'll be so glad you did!

Mount Holly Farmers' Market

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