Friday, August 18, 2017

Garden Friday

Welcome back to Garden Friday.
It's been just beginning to feel like summer here,
with temperatures topping out in the low 90's on occasion. 
Before we know it,
we'll be greeting fall's breath of cooler air.

 I noticed this rose blooming,
just as I was taking pictures for this post.
I'm not a rose person,
and the plants that grace the front of the house
will most likely be given away,
as I don't really have the desire to learn about them.
Someone will appreciate them far more than me.

The veggie garden is slowly expanding.
Some sowing was made this week
of beets and kale.
I also reseeded broccoli and eggplant in 6-packs,
because the seedlings had been eaten by something
(most likely worms).
A second planting of buttercrunch and red salad bowl lettuce 
was also done this week,
as I hope to continue to have salads well into the fall. 
The crops on the deck are still holding their own,
and a second planting will ensure that the lettuce keeps on coming!

 Four varieties of tomatoes are doing well in the 5-gallon buckets.
This is a Cherokee purple,
and there are also a roma, brandywine and Arkansas traveler growing.

The jalapeno seedling I got from a vendor at the Mooresville farmers' market
is doing well. 
The warmer temperatures are moving them right along.

The Slenderette variety of string beans
came up in 4 days and seem happy to be here.
These string beans are so tender, they practically melt in your mouth.
I'll be planting more of these every 2 weeks.

Some of the snap peas have made it,
while some have died off,
most likely due to the heat.
I'll keep sowing them all through the fall.
I'm determined to get some of these in my salad.

Check out my birthday gift!
I am so thrilled that Big K actually listened to what I wanted!

This giant coneflower was on my wishlist.
It's a bird feeder and a work of art! 
Even if we can't use it to feed the birds
(we're dealing with a small army of squirrels),
it makes me happy just seeing it out there.

Totally unrelated to garden friday,
look at this mocha cake that was made for me.
One of the vendors at the Mooresville farmers' market
makes incredible breads, cookies and pies.
I special-ordered it from him
and he didn't disappoint.
Wish I could've shared a piece with you!

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