Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Organized Downsizing

A couple of weeks ago, 
we moved into our new cozy shack.
We love the home, the property
and the neighborhood,
but the house is about 400 square feet smaller 
than our last home in Florida.
This has required some serious paring down.
I wish we were completely unpacked and
had the house in order,
but we are taking our time in completing projects
and making this a welcoming and comfortable retreat.

 Fortunately, I embrace the minimalist lifestyle,
so it was easy for me to let go of things.
I find the process freeing,
knowing that I am making room in my life
for all the good things that God has in store for me.
Although we did rid ourselves of many household items and furniture
before we made the big move,
there was still more than we could comfortably situate in this 1400 square foot space.
We have listed quite a few things on Craig's List
and one other local forum for sale or giveaway.
We are also considering having a yard sale,
so that we can clear out many items at once.
So satisfying.

To begin, we started sorting items according to the rooms 
in which they are used.
Several of our larger moving boxes were put to the task.
One box contains things that will be given away or taken to thrift stores.
Any leftover blankets or other bedding will be donated
to the local Humane Society.
They can always use towels and blankets for the animals there.

 Any items that hadn't been used on a regular basis in the last year
(popcorn popper), are put into the kitchen box.
I had a few extra casserole dishes and storage bins
that we could do without, so they got tossed in.
We also had quite a few shelves and other things
that were here from the previous owners,
so we are dealing with those as well. 
There was another box for decorative items,
garage items and bathroom items.
I'm not one for sentimental attachments,
as I choose to focus on the memories instead of the physical object.

Giveaway box
Even if we decide to go the yard sale route,
it's always good to have a giveaway box.
Kids especially love getting something for free.

With the yard sale in mind,
it's important to have great signage.
Using a bright colored background (the same color on all signs)
and bold black letters will help folks find your sale.
Advertising on free sites is also helpful.
We like to price everything ahead of time,
 so that there is no question about how much items cost.
You can use individual stickers,
or place single-priced items on a table with signs
(all items $1).
Of course, you should expect some haggling,
and be prepared to take less than you are asking,
except for high-ticket items.
Any money made at the sale can be used for 
a multitude of ideas:

1.  holiday fund
2.  vacation fund
3.  emergency fund
4.  new furniture fund
5.  donated to a worthy cause

This process has helped me appreciate all that we have
and this new life that we are living
in our wonderful neighborhood.
Organizing just makes me feel empowered.
Keeping material items to a minimum
truly helps one focus on the important things in life.

"Gratitude makes sense of our past,
brings peace for today,
and creates a vision for tomorrow."
~Melody Beattie

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