Tuesday, June 14, 2016

The Maple Hill Hop 137

Maple Hill Hop

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Today we're visiting some of the beauties
gracing our spring garden.

Spring is on its way out,
and summer is almost here.
With the recent rains we've had,
it's difficult to keep up with the trimming!

Pentas are one of the best plants to attract butterflies to the garden.

Zinnias are one flower I can never get enough of.
They come in a variety of colors and sizes,
and always provide tons of interest to the garden.
The bonus is that pollinators love 'em!

These lilies are on their way out,
but not before strutting their stuff for most of the spring.

This recent addition, pinball gomphrena,
greets visitors near the front door.

Sunflowers are the best way to welcome summer!

Mums are starting to open up and greet us with cheery, yellow blossoms.

Thyrallis blooms most of the year,
and would make a great privacy hedge.
We've recently noticed that many birds nest here.

The butterfly vine had been transplanted from the south part of the garden.
It wasn't looking too good for a while,
but with warmer temperatures,
it's coming right along.

The beach sunflower and lemongrass are a dynamic duo.

Citronella has interesting texture and a pungent scent.
It is used to repel mosquitoes.

This porterweed has been blooming nonstop for about 3 months.
It's a favorite stopover for pollinators and birds.

The beautyberry is starting to flower,
and will soon be full of bright, purple berries for the birds to savor.

 The one hibiscus we have planted in the rear of the back bed
frequently treats us to beautiful, crimson blooms.

 The gloriosa lily plants continue to soar to the sky
and reseed themselves at will.
They are always welcome in our garden.

 Isn't it brilliant?

This coreposis is also known as tickseed,
and is a Florida native wildflower.
We enjoy the pop of color.

 Our transplanted Florida maple tree is doing well
after careful watering and a week of generous rainfall.

The rosemary is always a fragrant delight,
but with its delicate blue flowers in bloom, it's a treat for the eyes as well.

A new pigeon pea plant has sprung up, unexpectedly.
We profiled this crop here.

We are inundated with the caterpillars of the
black swallowtail butterflies.
As long as we have enough parsley to keep them fed,
we'll be blessed with a garden full of flitting fliers.

We'll be giving some away,
as we have done for the past few years,
so that others can enjoy these amazing creatures.

 Maybe I need to plant more parsley?!



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