Friday, June 17, 2016

Plant Profile-Beautyberry

Today we continue our 
 June series on native plants.
Each Friday, we will profile a plant
that thrives in our area (zone 9b).

Today's chosen native is 

Beautyberry is an exquisite example of
 how spectacular the native garden can be.
This head-turner is an asset to any naturalized landscape.
Although it is native to Florida,
it can be grown in zones 7 through 11.

This rather unpretentious slow grower
will soon treat the gardener to quite a show. 
The soft, light green leaves 
resemble foliage of the mint plant.

The berries begin as pea-green clusters
assembled every few inches on the stem.
Then the dramatic change takes place.

Over a few weeks' time,
the berries transform into marvelous, magenta gems.
From spring into the early fall months,
this charmer will take center stage.
Many species of birds, including mockingbirds, savor the fruit.

This was one of the first natives we added to our 
Florida-friendly garden.
Its low maintenance and drought tolerance
makes it one of the best choices for newbie gardeners.
Pest problems are nearly non-existent.

Beautyberry gives so much
and requires so little.
I hope you'll consider adding it to your garden bed.

It pays to go native!

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