Friday, June 3, 2016

Plant Profile-Blanketflower

Today we begin a month-long series
on native plants.
Every Friday, we'll feature a different plant
that thrives in our Central Florida climate.

Today we begin the series with 

Blanketflower is a sun-loving annual
that grows well in zones 3-11.
Its brilliant red, orange and yellow blooms
are reminiscent of a beautiful watercolor masterpiece.
This Florida-friendly native is drought tolerant,
low maintenance, and easily started by planting the dried seeds in the spring garden.
Through spring, summer and even into the fall,
this stunner will grace your garden with a muted pop of elegance.

This versatile plant can be grown as a ground cover, 
(hence the term, blanketflower),
or used in conjunction with other plants,
and stand upright up to 3 feet tall.
It tends to spread,
so be sure to give it lots of room to strut its stuff.
The ability to tolerate dry conditions
allows it to thrive during long periods
when rain is scarce.
It loves full sun and especially appreciates
well-draining soil.
It is often found in coastal regions,
and is considered highly salt tolerant.

Another wonderful feature of this particular annual,
is that it attracts a multitude of pollinators
including bees, butterflies and wasps,
while being deer resistant.
Being more conscientious about planting for pollinators
is a personal goal.
We strive to support these crucial creatures
in every way we can.

Hopefully, you'll be able to add this lovely bloom
to your garden repertoire.
You'll be glad you did!

It pays to go native!

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