Tuesday, May 17, 2016

The Maple Hill Hop 133

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We haven't had much in the way of April showers,
but we sure do have a load of May flowers to share!
Here are some of the beauties that bless our garden this month.

The lilies are just starting to peek out of the fern bed.

A few Easter lilies are scattered about 
and getting ready to open up.
I guess they don't much pay attention to the calendar.

The passionflower vine blooms year-round,
but we are only now beginning to see the gulf fritillary butterfly
lay its eggs on the leaves and tendrils.

This coral bean plant (recently identified by one of my readers),
is gracing us with a multitude of vibrant red blooms.

The gloriosa lilies are nothing to sneeze at either.
They have reseeded themselves and are popping up all over the west side of the yard.

I'm not sure if this is gallardia or something else.
The stem is tall and spindly and the profusion of blooms
lingers near the top.
The color combination is striking.
(After identification help from a reader,
I reviewed a past post and realized that yes,
it is indeed tickseed!)

I found these on the "dead rack" the other day
at Lowe's and knew that for a dollar each,
they'd bring us a lot of smiles.

I'm excited to say that our agapanthus
looks like it's finally ready to start blooming.
This is one of my all-time favorites in the Florida-friendly garden.
It's so elegant!

Amaryllis are finished for the season
and are dropping seeds to ensure their return.

The porterweed out front seems to be happy where it is.
We get lots of pollinator activity humming around it
and it's a wonderful sight to see out the front window.

Our beach sunflowers haven't stopped blooming since last summer
when they were started by seed.
It just keeps giving.
It is flanked by our beloved lemongrass.

Passionflower vine is being used as a border on the newest butterfly garden.
I ran out of trellises on which to grow it,
so I thought it might do well as a ground cover.
It just needs to be trimmed frequently.
We also have pentas, salvia, zinnias, milkweed,
lantana and marigolds growing here.

Another border was started using variegated liriope.
These send out purple spikes when in flower.
We have more salvia, zinnias and marigolds planted here,
along with cosmos, our agapanthus and the coral bean plant.

A couple of onion plants I just kind of threw into an empty space
are now flowering.
So interesting how food crops continue to provide.

One of the dwarf Fakahatchee grass plants out front.
I just love the way they sway in the breeze
and hold onto the drops of rain like precious crystals.

One of the pines we are keeping in a pot,
so that we can bring it with us when we move.
Marigold seeds were sown a week ago around its base.

shasta daisy

With most of our food crops finished for the season,
it's good to know that we still have a whole summer of flowers
to look forward to.
I hope something wonderful is blooming in your garden right now.

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