Friday, February 12, 2016

Valentine Verse

I recently took on the challenge of penning a poem
for each significant holiday.

I'm enjoying stretching my wings a bit.

by daisy

Roses are red,
Daisies are white.
Will you be my valentine
On this special night?

I'll offer you biscuits,
I'll offer you grits.
I'll give you red cherries
Without any pits.

Your tank will be filled
With two-dollar gas.
I'll stuff every freezer 
With large-mouthed bass.

Your house will be cleaned
From the roof to the floor.
I'll launder your uniforms
Need I say more?

We'll visit the ocean,
We'll go to the hills.
I promise to make sure
And pay all the bills.

What else can I do
To please you, my pet?
On second thought,
You don't deserve me just yet.

Have a sweetheart of a weekend, y'all!