Thursday, February 18, 2016

Thrifty Thursday-Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

We're all about keepin' it simple around here.
Once in a while, it's fun to shake things up a bit.
Still keeping things simple, but with a twist.


This stuff would never make it into our food pantry.
Along with living simply, we make a concerted effort to scratch cook and eat real,
so Kool-Aid doesn't even make the short list.
I did hear about using it to safely dye hair 
and I thought I'd try it.
Keep in mind that I've never dyed my hair in my life.
Adding chemicals to my skin never appealed to me,
although I know most folks don't give it a thought.
This seemed like a safe way to give it a go.

The method is easy.
Heat the Kool-Aid in water and then place locks in.
My hair had been braided, so it made it easier to maneuver.
After about 10 minutes, 
I removed the braids from the mixture
and let it dry.
Placing the "treated" hair in a shower cap or plastic wrap is helpful,
as well as draping an old towel over your shoulders to keep clothes clean.
Later it was washed in the sink to take some of the Kool-Aid out (it can be sticky).

It turned out much redder than I had thought.
I have dark hair, so I wasn't even sure it would take
but it did.  
The surprising thing is, I love it!
It's gone through several washings 
and it still looks pretty bright.
This was a fun experiment
and I will most likely do it again.
It's safe, easy and thrifty!
Hmmm...what shade should I try next?

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