Friday, February 5, 2016

Feed Sacks, Organized


For the last few months,
I've been selling daisy totes.
They are upcycled tote bags made from used feed sacks.
It's been a fun and educational undertaking.
There were a few people who were able to supply me with sacks.
Once things started taking off,
I knew that I'd need to find more resources.
Enter Craig's List.
I placed an ad under the "Farm & Garden" section,
stating that I was looking for feed sacks that were no longer needed.

The call was answered.
Seems there are a lot of folks in our area who love animals.
Horses, birds, cows, pigs, rabbits, and a multitude of poultry
all need to be fed.
Most people I meet up with say that if we didn't take the sacks,
they would be burned or thrown away.
It's a good feeling to know that they will be collected
for something useful.

Storing them in a systematic way makes sense.
I call myself "chronically organized" because I don't do well with anything less.
Last weekend was the perfect opportunity to tackle this task. 
The weather was cool and I had the garage all to myself.

As with any organizing project,
it's best to sort like objects.
Sacks were laid in piles according to type of feed.

 Some, like these Egg Maker sacks, were so numerous,
that I decided to use one bag to hold some of them.
Many were received this way from contributors.
This takes up less space than if they were all stored separately.

Needless to say,
we'll have sacks to keep me busy for quite some time.
The ad was promptly taken off of Craig's List.
There are still some folks who call me as repeat customers,
to come and collect their excess sacks.

We happen to have quite a few moving boxes,
so they were used to corral the sacks.
Of course, labeling always helps one to find what is needed.

Even when we sell our house and move,
these will be taken with us so that I can get right to work
at whatever Farmers' Markets or local events might serve as a good venue for the daisy totes.

I think we'll be ready.

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