Thursday, November 19, 2015

Thrifty Thursday-Best Hair Rinse

I've been blessed with easy hair.
It's naturally wavy and thick,
and it takes very little to maintain it.
I'm not a fru-fru kinda gal.
It doesn't get blown-dry, hot ironed or moussed.
In fact, it's never even been dyed, believe it or not.
One problem that's always plagued me has been tangles.
Because of its thickness, 
it would be very challenging to comb through it after shampooing.
And I've never been able to use a comb on it when it's dry.
Well, a recent discovery changed all of that.
This recipe has made my hair easier to manage
so that my routine is even more streamlined.

Two readily-available ingredients, and less than 3 minutes,
and you'll be on your way to taming your tresses.
Simply add 1 T apple cider vinegar per 1 C of water.
Some recipes call for distilled or filtered water,
but I figure that the final rinse is with plain ole' H2O,
so why make it complicated?

The plastic spray bottle stays right in the shower.
It's best if shaken not stirred right before use.
Spritz the solution on your hair, including ends,
and let sit for a minute or so while you finish washing up.
Then just rinse everything, from head to toes.

Keeping the recipe right on the bottle
means that I am always ready to refill as needed!
The bonus is that it costs just pennies to keep yourself looking good!
Another thing to cross off the shopping list!

My locks have never been more manageable.
Whenever I wash  and rinse my hair, I comb it out, braid it,
and take the braids out the next morning.
(Can I tell you how thrilling it was 
when my hair was finally long enough to braid?)
Couldn't be easier, 
and I now look forward to washing my hair
because I know it will be tangle-free.

I hope you'll give it a go and let me know whatcha think!

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