Tuesday, November 24, 2015

The Maple Hill Hop 108

Maple Hill Hop

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The Maple Hill Hop.
This is a hop for folks who love the outdoors.
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in your neck of the woods,
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We're on the road again.
This time of year lends itself to outdoor activities,
so we headed down to The Florida Flywheeler's Tractor Club.

It was a gorgeous day for browsing the antique vehicles
and the large flea market area.

Tractors as far as the eye can see.
Members of the club share their collections
on only a select number of days each year. 

The barrel train is a treat for young visitors.

One of our favorite stops is the Fire Museum.

This barn houses all kinds of vintage equipment,
as well as fire panels and old pull stations,
which C just eats up!
Several restored fire trucks are also on display.

We always feel at home there.

The flea market area is always a fun cruise.
Hundreds of vendors peddle everything from apples to zippers. 
Tools and electronics get the boys' attention,
while I marvel at the array of Corningware and cast iron. 
Get a load of this portable sauna.
You just never know what you're gonna find here!

I brought home this amazing collapsible metal fishing basket.
It was one of the first things that caught my eye,
but I wanted to look around a bit more.
By the time we were ready to leave, 
I was still thinking about that basket and what I could do with it.
(I think it would make a unique and wonderful light fixture.)
So we went back to the seller and picked it up for a few bucks.
He was kind enough to throw in something for C
to add to his electronics collection.

This lil' cutie struck a pose as soon as I readied my camera.
A good time was had by all.


 Here are some of our past visits to this event:

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