Friday, February 27, 2015

Plant Profile-Loquat

The loquat tree is a native of China, 
but fares quite well here in Central Florida.
These beauties scale up to 30 feet tall,
 so ample room is required for growing.
They prefer full sun, and produce fruit from mid-February to May.
We have been patiently waiting to savor this thirst-quenching and unusual fruit.

The fruit grows in clusters from 4 to over 20 per stem,
with a thin, fuzzy skin, similar to a peach.
One to two pits can be found inside.

 The fruit ripens right on the branches, 
turning from green to golden yellow to bright orange.
The middle stage offers a tart bite of freshness.

The taste resembles a peach combined with a plum,
 according to Lynn.
I think it's more like a cross between a peach and a nectarine.
It does have the consistency of a peach,
but the unique flavor is hard to describe.
In one word-refreshing!

If you like them on the sweeter side,
pick 'em when they are a warm orange color.
So juicy and tender.

This established tree will offer up treats for weary gardeners,
but is also enjoyed by a variety of birds.
It will withstand temperatures all the way down to 10 degrees F.
If space allows, it's a fantastic addition to any garden.

For more information about this natural wonder, read this.

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