Friday, February 20, 2015

Learning to Sew

At 54 years of age,
I've decided to take up sewing.
But then, I've always been a late bloomer.

It's not something I gave much thought to
before I started on this homesteading journey.
But now, I feel the need to connect with my past,
and learn skills that can last me a lifetime.

Being a big believer in the value of all things handmade,
it was important for me to start with the basics,
so that I learn the proper way to do everything from threading a needle,
to adding decorative details to my projects.
I'm still in the baby stages right now,
but I know that if I stick with it and continue to practice,
eventually it will become part of the fabric of my life.

The need to foster a sense of self-reliance is vital to me.
We are advocates of the notion of maintaining what you have,
and then finding another purpose for it once it's been used up.
We also enjoy creating what we can to serve our own needs,
thereby conserving resources and instilling a sense of independence.

This was my mom's sewing tray.
Opening it up brought back memories of her creating so many wonderful projects.
It was bittersweet, as I never took the time to learn her craft.
Taking up this avocation is my way of paying homage to her
and the qualities in her that I so admire.

She used to make clothes for me and my older sister,
as well as household furnishings such as curtains, pillows and slipcovers.
She was such a talented seamstress.

Just knowing that my mom used this thimble for so many years
makes me feel closer to her
I think she'd approve of me taking up her hobby,
although I don't think I could ever match her skill.

I'm hoping that through practice and patience,
and my sheer will to be more like her,
I will find my sewing muse.

I have a long way to go,
but I'm determined to do my very best to learn this valuable skill.

It's been my experience that anything can be learned
with the right attitude, a fierce resolve,
and the commitment to making the time to practice what you want to do.
It all starts with visualizing yourself being successful.
Mimi has inspired me to always to my best.
Thank you Mimi.

If you know someone who wants to learn to sew,
visit Sue's blog, called Sewing with Kids.  
It's a fantastic resource and even older folks are welcome !

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  1. Daisy-how nice to have your mom's sewing kit---it will always bring fine memories rushing back every time you use it.
    Don't laugh--the thing that prevents me from sewing is threading the machine---ack, what a nightmare that is. And winding bobbins. Ugh.
    I think a man devised that system---someone who never has to go through all that.
    Sewing by hand is very relaxing and creative work. Though you and I are roughly the same age, I'm now in need of a magnifier for small work.
    Have a wonderful weekend

    1. Maybe you need to invent an easier machine for those of us who can't deal with the conventional one???
      I use "reading" glasses to do close work now too. Being able to sew is such a wonderful skill.
      Hope you are warm and toasty!

  2. Daisy, my Mom was a seamstress as well. She actually made my wife's wedding dress as well as the bride's maid's dresses. She was a organized crafter that could do any thing she set her mind to do. Dad and I used to laugh at her as she would make him stop and park beside the road to wait for her to gather up a certain kind of weed. The next holiday those weeds became a beautiful center piece for the table. She saved everything and crafted it into the most beautiful things. She just had a creative mind that could see how to repurpose just about anything. It was a sad day when she had to give it all up and a very sad day when she passed away at only 69 years old. I just received a bedspread from a cousin that Mom and made for a queen sized bed. It was a crocheted one and not a quilted one. It's absolutely beautiful with 3D roses in each square. What a special gift to receive 15 years after she's passed on. She once crocheted a table cloth for a large ten foot table. It took the better part of 10 years to complete. She would work on it for awhile and put it away when life got busy then bring it out again and work on some more until it was completed. Mom was truly an amazing woman.

    Good luck on mastering sewing skills. My wife tried to master them and discovered that much of the acquired skills of sewing rest on the quality of the sewing machine. Don't skimp on the sewing machine. Buy the best you can afford.

    Have a great learning sewing day.

    1. How wonderful to have family treasures. Your mom sounds like my kinda gal. ;0)

      I'm looking for a vintage Singer 221 or 301 machine. Saving my pennies!
      Thanks for visiting us today. It's always good to see you here.

  3. How wonderful to have your Mom's sewing tray. . . that makes every lesson all the more gratifying. I've always "dreamed" of creating my own hand sewn quilt. Of course that would mean learning to sew and I can barely manage a button. I hope you keep us posted on your progress.

    1. It does take a lot of patience with oneself. I'll get there eventually. Thanks for your encouraging words.

  4. I totally agree that one can learn basically anything if they have a persevering attitude and mindset. Way to learn to sew! My daughter has that same, endearing book. :)

    1. Isn't it sweet? I actually ordered it from our local library, but fell in love with its simplicity.

  5. Sewing was something my mom did also. I learned sewing at an early age, and then let it fall away. It is something I am returning to also. I have a 1900 treadle sewing machine in my home, from the same year my grandmother was born, and I hope to learn to use it. I agree, sewing is vital for returning to a life of self reliance.

    1. What a blessing to have been taught by your mom. I'd love to see that machine! It sounds like a keeper!

  6. What wonderful memories you will have while using that kit. Good for you to make the effort and decide to learn!! It opens up so many possibilities, doesn't it?

  7. A sweet post, Daisy! Honouring your mom this way is so meaningful to her memory. She sounds like an awesome lady who loved her family.
    Where did you find that sewing book? I love it!

    1. Thanks, Sue. I think she'd approve.
      The book is from our local library, but I think I will end up buying one. It's just so doggone cute!

  8. What a sweet post! I bet your mom got so much satisfaction from sewing for her girls. I learned to sew by trial and error about 15 years ago. All of my children have learned basic hand sewing and my older daughter can sew almost anything. My 5 year old is learning to hand sew and is anxious to start using a machine. It's such a valuable skill. I need to look for that book, it's looks really fun.

    1. How wonderful that your children have learned the art of sewing from an early age. It's a great creative outlet!


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