Thursday, January 17, 2013

We Were ReStored

 Last week, we visited our local
Habitat for Humanity ReStore.
It's a warehouse where folks can donate 
home improvement discards.
Most bigger cities have one.

Our Restore is small, but has a good variety of items.

It's fairly organized, 
so finding just what you need is easy.

Used furniture and household furnishings 
can also be found.

Look at this treasure!

This is Lil' Guy's favorite area, 
as he is currently studying electronics.

Ahhh, here's what we're looking for.
We need a flat-paneled door for an upcoming project 
 that will soon be featured.
See the finished project here.
Most of these were around $15, 
but we struck a deal for twelve.

What a great resource for do-it-yourself projects.
We try to reuse whenever possible 
and are happy to be part of the solution
of keeping stuff out of the landfill.
Recycling rocks!
Find a ReStore near you.

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