Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Updates and seeds

It worked! A little while back I did some first-ever pollinating and it took!
Here's the sweet lil' cherub which resulted. Whoo-hoo! This is the original pumpkin that has now turned a buttery shade of orange.
At least we got one that will be carving sized!
It looks like the avocado plant that wasn't fairing so well after our vacation is bouncing back with very little care. Another tree for our yard and food for the family!

I've been trimming these off of one of the mystery plants out back. Lately, the seed pods have been drying on the branch, so I have been clipping them and drying them on the patio, so that I can harvest the seeds. When you shake them and they sound like maracas, they're ready to be harvested. I would like to find out what exactly they are. I'll see if I can find someone at the extension center who can identify it for me.

I know it's blurry, my camera doesn't take close-ups too well. This is what's inside once they are left to dry. Nature is continually providing more beauty in every pod. I like having seeds to share, so that will motivate me to identify this one. Looks like I will be able to give quite a few away. I'm gonna plant a few out back in different areas and see what comes up. The flowers have stopped blooming now, so it seems it's harvest time. Just as in nature, we all have our own cycles. The more we learn to accept and go with what's natural, the easier and more pleasant our experience seems to be.

Not always as easy to do though...