Monday, October 4, 2010

It's Coming Along...

The plumbego does a pretty good job of disguising
the rain barrel in the backyard. Guess it doesn't mind
having wet feet, as it is located directly under
an angle of the roof.

I've mostly transplanted gems from the front yard. Everything
else is from seed. I don't really buy plants anymore, unless
I feel a maternal yearning to nurture a specimen on the
"dead" rack at the nursery.

Here I've got visitors from the front yard of African Iris and a couple
of mystery plants that I have yet to identify. The tall bushy plants
are some kind of tree that keeps cropping up in the front bed. It
has white flowers on it in spring. That's one thing I wish I had more
time for, identification. I often find volunteers and don't know what
they are. As long as they are growing, I don't worry about it too much.
Eventually, I'll figure it out.

I transplanted the pineapple plants I had out front to frame the
area around the newly relocated rain barrel. Another plumbego
has started to take off. I've got my bamboo sticks ready for tepee
making later in the week. A few pots are growing seedlings, but
aren't quite ready for the front walkway.

The vegetable garden is in the processof being revamped. I staked
my beans on the newly acquired bamboo poles.The basil was
pruned back and I like the standard look of it. I think
I'll do that next year when I replant it. I'm still getting
eggplant from the same two plants I bought
from Debbie at Barefoot Gardeners.
The stakes are in for the tomatoes and there's
a pepper plant doing well. It looks like jalepeno,
so I guess we'll have salsa! On the left side,
I just left the same trellis-like structure
for the peas to climb.

I bought a beautyberry bush from Debbie at the
Lakeland Farmer's market this weekend. It already has berries on it, so I'm hoping the birds will find it

and stick around our yard a bit longer. I want to find
the best spot for it so that it will get lots of visitors!