Friday, July 10, 2020

Garden Friday

 Well, hello there!
It's Garden Friday and we've got the blooms to prove it!
Here's what's growin' on in our mid-July garden.

 This Swiss chard has really surprised me.
It is known as a crop that loves cooler temperatures,
but even through our 80 and 90 degree days,
it's still tasting mighty fine.
I'm wondering if being planted in the shadier part of this bed
has made the difference.

A volunteer cantaloupe started to sprawl this week.
As soon as the yellow flowers were spotted,
it got fertilized with worm castings.
I think it liked it!

 In a nearby container,
this cantaloupe is putting on some size
and looking more melon-like with its newly textured skin.

More space was made for the watermelon to ramble.
The first of the melons was spotted just yesterday!
A little late to the party,
I hope there are enough hot days in summer to get this to harvest.


 Cucumbers have been regularly picked for fresh eating.
I may venture into doing a quick pickle recipe with them.

 Is it me or does this look like the strangest butternut squash?
I planted three varieties, but this type is the only one that's producing fruit.
Is it possible that the seeds could have gotten mixed up underground?

 The remaining onions are lying down on the job.
I think that means that they're ready for picking.
We've been adding them to all types of veggie dishes.

 It seems the turmeric was just waiting on the heat to arrive.
It's now springing up out of the containers
and growing noticeably each day.

 Most of the lettuce has bolted.
I'm planning on starting some Jericho lettuce,
which is supposed to endure the heat a lot better than most.

The nasturtiums are exploding out of the raised beds.
I'm not sure if they help with bugs, as has been proposed,
but they are mighty pretty to look at.
Edible too!

The battle with the squirrel goes on.
So far, many of these sunflowers have not been touched,
although several others have been eaten right on the stem.
I'll enjoy them while they last.

I hope your summer garden is blessing you
with good food and beautiful blooms.


  1. Good job on the melons. Last time I looked, we didn't even have blooms yet. I noticed we've also got some interesting looking winter squash. One vine of our tromboncino is also producing interesting looking squash. I was very late putting our turmeric out, and it hasn't broke through the soil yet. Yours are beautiful. Enjoy your garden goodness!

    1. Glad we're not the only ones with unusual-looking crops. ;0D

      The turmeric takes a while to get started. It'll happen.

      Thanks for stopping by.

  2. That squash is too funny. Almost like a combo blue hubbard-butternut. Your watermelon should be fine. Ours are the same size as yours because we have to start them later and they always make it (and then I battle and lose to the bugs and wildlife). Looks like you are enjoying lots of fresh veg!

    1. Good to know about the watermelon.
      I can't wait to see the next update on your garden!


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