Friday, June 26, 2020

Garden Friday

Welcome to Garden Friday!
The first week of summer went by without a hitch,
and without a drop of rain!
We're doing just fine with our fabulous irrigation system
in the veggie garden.

This week, over 12 pounds of potatoes were harvested.

They have been cleaned and placed in mesh bags for storage.
It was so nice to be able to share some with friends.

 The rest of the garlic was cured and braided
for use throughout the year.

 In the raised beds,
we have cucumbers flowering and fruiting.
Guess I better decide if I want to pickle or eat them fresh.
Why not both?

One of our volunteer cantaloupes made great progress this week.
It's planted in a container and growing larger every day.
Last year, melons were grown on the cattle panel arches,
but we didn't get one cantaloupe.
Hopefully, this year will be more successful.

 Another volunteer cantaloupe sits in a raised bed,
ready to sprawl out.

 The squash vines are climbing the panel,

 and starting to form fruit.
We have three varieties planted,
this one being the butternut squash.
It's a favorite for soup making!

 The turmeric popped up this week.
So far, only one of the four pots containing rhizomes has come up.

Gladiolas were one of my mom's favorite flowers.
What a treat to have these blooming in our yard now,
and be able to take cuttings for the house.
It keeps Mimi close to my heart.

 Big K and I measured the sunflowers in this raised bed.
So far, the tallest has reached 12 feet,
and towers over my five foot three self.

 The vitex started blooming this week too.
The pollinators are loving it!

 I was able to snap a couple of photos while working,
including this brilliantly vibrant echinacea in a client's garden.

 This Rose of Sharon caught my eye quite by accident,
while I was digging up some butterfly weed to transplant.

This sea of bee balm is quite striking.
This is the taller variety, close to 4 feet or so.
It is planted very densely, which works for me,
as there is less weeding for me to do in this bed.

We have been promised some rain this weekend,
which I don't mind one bit.
It gives the garden what it needs
and it forces me to slow down and do some chillin'.

How's your summer garden growing?


  1. Isn't it wonderful how plants can bring memories of loved ones near? That's such a pretty shade of echinacea. I'd heard of vitex as a medicinal plant, but have never seen it growing. A pollinator plant and pretty too. Seems like a good plant to have around.

    1. Now I'll have to research the vitex. I had no idea it was a medicinal plant. Want seeds? I can send you some.

      Hope you enjoy your weekend!

  2. What excellent photos; everything looks great! I love your sea of bee balm and I love its color. I only have a small patch and it's various shades of pink (which I also love). I grow ginger in pots but never thought about turmeric. Now, I'm thinking I should try that too.

    1. I look forward to reading about your ginger crop. It's on the list of things I want to get started with.
      Thank you for the kind words.

  3. Wow! Those are some tall sunflowers!!! Mine are only about 3 feet tall so far. I adore echinacea and that one's a beautiful variety. I can't believe how many potatoes you've already harvested. That's fantastic! Do you know if my sweet potatoes will continue to produce if their leaves are getting eaten? Our woodchucks are able to get to them until we get our permanent fencing up. I'm going to leave them in and hope for the best. I've been successful with carrots growing with their tops eaten off so I'm hopeful. Hoping you had a wonderful weekend!

    1. Not sure about the sweet potato leaves. I guess it depends on how much is getting eaten. They do need the leaves for the process of making food. Hope you can get your fencing up soon. Have you tried any kind of netting just draped over, like I did with my strawberries? It could work.

  4. Great photos. Love them all, but especially the top one. Stunning!

    I cannot wait for the potatoes to be done. Lucky you! Nothing beats a freshly dug potato.
    Glad to see so many wonderful things going on in your garden. Happy Summer

    1. I'll be making some potato salad this weekend, for sure. I'll bet you have a lot growing.
      Happy harvesting, Sue!


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