Friday, May 29, 2020

Garden Friday

handy-dandy clothespins

 It's Garden Friday and we're glad you're here!
It's been fairly soggy of late,
with another 3 1/2 inches of rain falling so far this week.

 Some of the flower beds are responding with brilliant blooms.
Color is once again appearing in our yard.

 As much as I do love the rain,
I find myself looking forward to Sunday and Monday,
when skies should be clear and temperatures mild.
My kinda spring!

front porch flower bed

 The milkweed is just getting ready to bloom.
That means that there will be monarch caterpillars to observe.
This is a different type of milkweed than we grew in Florida.
Looking forward to taking note of the variations.

Some French marigolds were picked up to put in pots on the front porch.
When I took my neighbor to get a few low-growing plants for her flower bed,
we discovered a downtown merchant actually giving away plants!
You know we picked some of those up without being asked twice!

Now, who do you think would want to eat the zinnia seedlings?

It seems the squash plants doubled in size since last week.
The rain does magical things!

 The cylindra beets were sampled this week,
and I think these will become a staple in our garden.
I'll grow another crop of it in the fall.
The beet greens are great eaten raw in a salad.

 There was a volunteer cantaloupe growing in the pollinator bed,
so I transplanted it to a tub of its own.
It's looking kind of scraggly,
so I'm not sure if it's waterlogged, or just didn't care to be moved.

The okra growing in the straw bales has germinated.
Since both seeds that were planted came up,
one may be transplanted to another bale.

The snap peas have been yummalicious!
They are really starting to put on pods.
Last week, when I noticed flowers,
I took the time to add worm castings to them.
Looks like it paid off!
They were also tied to the arches,
as many of them were falling over from rain and wind.

 Here's another issue due to rain.
The beans planted in a straw bale fell over.
The plan is to place stakes on the other side,
to help prop them up.
I'm thinking I need to build a box to put the bales in 
at the start of the season to prevent this problem.

The parsley is bolting and going to seed.
The perfect opportunity to save seeds for next season.

All of the sunflowers had to be staked,
as the barrage of rain and winds took their toll.
Shasta daisy and zinnia seeds were also planted here,
so I'm hoping for a bit more variety in this pollinator bed.
As long as there are flowers, the pollinators will visit!

Here's hoping you're getting just the rain you need,
and lots of sunshine to go with it.


  1. Everything is soupy here, we've had so much rain. I picked up marigolds yesterday too. I'd been noticing chard seedlings with the leaves eaten off. When I transplanted the others to a larger pot, I found slugs and roly polys on the bottoms of their original pots, so I guess one or both munched the leaves. Lots of slugs with all the rain.

    1. There are SO many pill bugs (roly-polys) in our yard. I didn't realize they were a threat to the garden. ;0(

      Hope you get to enjoy some sunshine this weekend!

  2. We are quite a ways behind in garden season here in Montana, but we have a little kitchen garden off the patio that is doing quite well. The best crop looks good, I will have to remember that one!

    1. Glad you have some goodies growing there. I can't imagine how short your growing season must be.
      Happy harvest!

  3. Everything looks so good!!! Rain is a wonderful boost indeed, but I hear ya on ready for the sunshine. I'm hoping it's on the way to you! p.s. those sugar snaps look AMAZING!!!!

    1. In all things, balance. Those peas have been delicious! So blessed.


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