Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Drastic Measures

I've been on a quest for the last few years.
When we lived back in Florida,
I had a debilitating experience with fatigue.
My primary at the time sent me to a university clinic
out of town to find answers.
None came.
Around the same time,
severe eczema plagued my hands,
preventing even simple activities.
After many doctor visits and remedies,
I am still dealing with it from time to time.
I've also had constant congestion in my sinuses,
and have suffered from sinusitis several times 
over the last 10 years.

Having always been mindful about what I eat,
 exercising regularly, and maintaining a constant weight,
it has puzzled me to no end.
I've always tried to figure out these mysteries myself,
unwilling to take a pill as any kind of solution.
It's been a long road,
but I think I'm now heading in the right direction.

I started seeing a naturopath that my current primary recommended,
and together (all 3 of us) are working toward a better quality of life.
On my 59th birthday, I went to see Dr. Lexi Lane,
and discussed with her my issues 
and the ultimate goal of being able to enjoy my 60's
by fostering supreme health.

carrot and red cabbage slaw

We've been experimenting with a few supplements,
and have recently added an allergy panel test and elimination diet.
I won't lie,
the diet is tough.
Here's what I can't eat:

high glycemic fruits (bananas/pineapple) 
nightshades (eggplant/peppers/tomatoes)
 nuts & seeds
sweeteners (even my beloved honey)

Out of all of the no-nos, 
I think I miss my coffee and chocolate the most.

I've made do with an array of mostly vegetables,
prepared in various ways,
a bit of fish, legumes, and a few fruits.
 Roasted or sauteed veggies are made every few days
and I've resorted to using canned beans to make things a bit easier.
Legumes are actually on the no-no list,
but since I don't eat meat, an exception was made.

The trouble I had was needing something crunchy,
and carrot and celery sticks weren't cuttin' it.
Do you know how difficult it is to find snacks
that are grain, soy and sugar free?
I found these snacks in my local grocery store,
and they have just about saved my sanity.

The cool mornings have lent themselves well
to my tasty breakfast soup,
although I think when the time is up for the diet,
I will never again eat soup for breakfast!
Thank goodness for apples and pears being in season,
because I have been downing them like candy,
not only for the sweetness, but to fill my belly between meals.

vegetable breakfast soup

Today starts day 10 of a 5-week diet,
although, thankfully, next week selective grains can be added.
It will be wonderful to again enjoy beans with rice,
quinoa or millet.
The other items on the list will be added back 
after the initial 5-week period,
one at a time, to see if a difference is noticed.

The allergy panel should be back in another week,
and it actually detects sensitivities, not true allergies.
But I'm hoping the information will help us
determine what might be causing the inflammatory issues
I've been dealing with.
It will help us sort out the puzzle pieces
and come up with a plan with which to move forward.
With any luck, I will be able to again 
enjoy my favorite foods without worry.
In any case, I'm so grateful to have a pair of doctors
who respect my way of doing things 
and share their wealth of knowledge to find answers.

 I can't help but be curious to see the results of the testing.
And I'm really looking forward 
to my first cup of coffee.


  1. Good luck. I'm not sure I could survive without chocolate.

  2. Glad you're finally doing that food sensitivities panel.
    I spent YEARS going from doctor to doctor, not getting any relief.
    Ends up I was allergic to most of my favorite foods. It's hard to give them up, but I also know how great I feel now.
    So much better than being so sick I didn't want to live another 20-30 years.
    Good luck, sweet Daisy
    I hope you have the same great results I had

    1. Oh, you're just the sweetest thing. Thank you for your kind wishes. I'm so glad you found some answers.


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