Friday, April 5, 2019

Garden Friday

It's Garden Friday once again.
We've been busy with all kinds of gardening projects and plans.
Here are a few of the things we've been working on this past week.

 Seed potatoes were cut into pieces and placed in a box to dry.
These are Yukon Gold potatoes,
the same kind I grew last year.
They are our favorite all-around potato to eat.

 This is about after 4 or 5 days just sitting on top of the fridge in the garage.
They are ready to be planted when the surface becomes "scabby".
This is supposed to ensure that they stay free from rot or disease.

 Next week, I'll show step-by-step how easy it is to plant these.
The potato towers will be used again this year,
although I am trying a different technique.

 My "indoor greenhouse" is keeping the cucumbers,
green beans, herbs and tat soi fairly happy.
This room gets indirect morning light
and has just enough humidity to keep them moist.
I'm planning on hardening off the crops over the weekend,
so that they'll be ready to plant.

This year I'm growing my own sweet potato slips,
although I think I may have started a bit late.
These are organic sweet potatoes I purchased at the store
and simply suspended them in tin cans.
Aside from the root growth,
the tops will soon start sprouting stems, or "slips",
which will be transplanted into the garden.

Speaking of sprouting,
(wow, that's the best segue ever!),
alfalfa sprouts are filling up my veggie bin
as I am starting a new batch every five days or so.
They are so fresh and tender,
a wonderful addition to salads, sandwiches or stir fries.


A little experiment is going on with the nasturtium seeds.
One package of seeds got soaked for a few days,
and the other package got "nicked" and soaked.
These will be sown in the veggie beds as a companion plant.
I'm curious to see if there is a difference in germination rates.

One of the biggest changes coming to the veggie garden
is the creation of a wattle fence.
I've been collecting grapevine for this very purpose.
Big K told me that he can get all the wood I need for the stakes
free of charge.
I told him to bring home as much of it as he can.
I've started creating the stakes on which the wattle will be wrapped.
This will really define the space,
and maybe even keep a few little critters out.
The look of the vines woven back and forth
always catches my eye.

It's been a very busy week,
so there aren't too many pictures of the veggie beds,
but I will remedy that over the weekend.
The sampling of kale, lettuce and other goodies
are my treat whenever I go to check on the garden.
By the end of they day, my energy is spent,
but it's a great feeling knowing that time has been spent
helping others, growing food and being creative.

If you're local,
I hope you'll come out to the Lincolnton Farmers' Market
this Saturday from 8-12.
The Master Gardeners will be doing a hands-on activity 
for folks who want to learn more about planting seeds.

Here's the information:
225 West Water Street
Lincolnton, NC 28092
Phone: 704-748-1518


  1. It looks like you've been busy as always prepping the garden. I only tried sweet potatoes once and didn't have success but it was my fault - I planted them pretty late. I can't wait to see what you get for a harvest! I'm also looking forward to the wattle fence. ;)

  2. Yes, there is certainly enough to keep me busy out there and the weather has been cooperative. I'm looking forward to the process of creating the fence.
    Thanks for visiting, friend!


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