Tuesday, February 12, 2019


With glorious conditions over the last couple of weeks,
it seemed like a great time to tame this storage shed.
This roomy building houses mostly garden & lawn equipment
and tools.
There is also a loft upstairs in which some furnishings are kept.
Its generous size ensures plenty of storage space 
for unused items.
The double set of doors each lead to their own space.
The area on the right has already been organized.
I forgot to take before photos,
but the after shots come later in this post.

Here's how the left side of the shed looked when I started.
As you can see, there is still plenty of room for items,
it only needed a bit of tweaking and sweeping.

The first thing I did was to empty it out of almost everything.
The heavy bags of soil against the right wall required a hand truck,
so that they could be taken to the other side of the shed.
I also used some nails to hang up the large rounds of cables,
to free up some of the floor space.
Whenever possible when organizing, I use the vertical space.

Next, I dealt with the hanging tools.
There are tools here for cleaning, gardening and lawn care.
The white cabinet was moved over to the end of these hanging rods.

I sorted the hanging tools into like piles.
There are repeats of some of the items,
but at this time we are not purging anything, just reorganizing what is there.

Even though we didn't rid ourselves of any tools,
there is ample hanging space for all of it.
Like items were hung together.
We will go through the contents at another time
to see if anything can be donated or sold.

Another task I had in mind
was to clean and sharpen anything that will be staying.
Now is a great time to tend to tools
so that they are ready for spring gardening duties.

The items on the upper rafters were not touched,
but we can tackle that on another day,
when I have access to a ladder so that I can reach everything easily.
There are a couple of shepherd's hooks that need to come down,
to accommodate new bird feeders.

For now, things are a bit tidier,
and I made sure to leave room between the collection of trash cans in the background,
so that the contents are available as needed.

Here's the before and after.
Not bad, huh?

Here's the right side of the shed that had been spiffed up previously.
What a fabulous structure to have onsite. 

A spacious potting bench lines one wall.
For now, we have placed the terra cotta pots on top,
and some odds and ends underneath.
The sink right next to it is so handy.

This storage cabinet was actually upstairs with the furniture,
but wasn't being used.

It was the perfect solution for storing all of the other pots
that had previously taken up much of the shelving space.
The heavier pots were placed near the bottom,
as the cabinet is not secured to the wall.

This was an enjoyable and very satisfying project.
In fact, I almost felt guilty getting paid to do it,
but I got over that.
My intention is to make my clients' lives easier,
more manageable, or at the very least, less worrisome.
Who doesn't want to make their  lives easier?

Do you have any spring organizing tasks planned?


  1. What a great space! You did a really nice job - it certainly doesn't look so overwhelming in the after. We have our tools hanging in our barn in a similar fashion and it sure does help. I love that you thought of cleaning and sharpening. So much easier to do it now instead of realizing, once you're ready to work, that your tools aren't ready.

  2. Yes, it is a wonderful place to keep things in good repair.


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