Friday, September 21, 2018

Garden Friday

On this Garden Friday,
we are happy to report that,
there's not much to report!
Hurricane Florence made her way across the state,
(she was downgraded to a tropical storm by the time she reached us),
and dumped rain and heaved some heavy winds.

We were blessed to receive little damage.
This dead tree fell over from the gusts
and is now making it difficult to reach the compost bin.
We should be able to get it taken down this weekend.

A couple of the tomato cages got blown over as well,
and I used a makeshift prop out of a 3-pronged branch.
I knew it would come in handy someday!
Overall, we feel very fortunate that our neighborhood
was mostly spared any real damage.
Of course, with the storm keeping us inside for a few days,
not much got accomplished in the garden.

The Sow True Seed order came last week,
so I was more than ready to get started sowing.
I am planting by the phases of the moon,
as per The Farmers' Almanac recommendations.
In the hugelkultur bed,
4 varieties of lettuce, 2 types of spinach and our sugar snap peas got planted.

One of the Master Gardeners with whom I  volunteer at the Community Garden,
grew this Freckles variety in her bed,
and I was so impressed with it, I knew I just had to make room for it.
It's a beautiful green leaf lettuce with red speckles.
Can't wait to add this to my daily salad bowl.
The other varieties which were sown are Buttercrunch, Green Oak Leaf, 
and Red Salad Bowl.
A square was left next to each lettuce planting,
to keep space available for succession seeding, 
approximately 4 weeks from this planting.
I'm really focused on having home-grown greens
to enjoy all winter long.

The trellis was moved to the center of the bed,
to make it easier to harvest the lettuces in front.
The bed is 4 feet deep,
so with the peas growing up the trellis,
they should be easily reached.
That leaves room in front for the lettuces,
which may also benefit from some shade provided by the peas.
On the other side of the trellis,
our carrots, beets, kale and spinach are struggling to get started.

Two pots each of Packman and DiCiccio broccoli
were added to the northeast side of the garden bed.
There were two more pots started earlier in the season
on the opposite side of the garden.
If I can get a hold of some more pots or 5-gallon buckets,
I will most likely plant more.
Broccoli is one food that even C will eat,
so I hope to be able to keep it comin' all winter long.

Aside from sowing seeds,
we're still harvesting okra, peppers and tomatoes,
and some of our flowers are doing quite well.
We have started nasturtium and alyssum 
for the downtown boxes on Main Street.
Looking forward to adding some of that color!

This lil' guy was hiding on the front porch near the birdhouses
that are awaiting installation.
You know, where there's one, there are more,
and this looks like a baby.
But, what a beauty.
C and I did some research and it is a harmless cornsnake,
handy to a gardener because they eat rodents and other critters.
If it were up to Big K, he woulda been a goner,
but C and I discovered him first.
He was let go in our wooded area,
and may he live a long and healthy life.

Hopefully, this weekend will be less eventful weather-wise,
and our seeds will germinate quickly.
It's hurry up and wait time.
Good thing God made me a patient woman.

Tomorrow marks the Autumn Equinox.

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