Friday, June 29, 2018

Garden Friday

 It's Garden Friday
and summer is bloomin' strong!

 The Vitex is loaded with blooms
and what a treat to enjoy the beautiful lilac color.

The pollinators are 

Cucumbers were harvested this past week
and enjoyed with my daily salads.
Never having grown them before,
I'm thrilled with how easy they were.
The bonus is that they had really good flavor,
so this will be a crop that will be grown again.

The eggplant really responded to the recent rain.
I can hardly wait to harvest some of these goodies.
Notice the slug bait underneath the plant? 
The only good slug is a drunk slug!

Looks like something is sampling the pepper leaves.
They don't look any worse for wear right now,
so I'll just keep an eye on them.

The turtle beans are doing well.
This is another first-time for me crop,
but I have the feeling it won't be the last.

 The beets are small, but that's not a problem.
I  prefer veggies on the smaller side,
as they usually have better flavor and are more tender.
The tomatoes have started to flower,
so it won't be long before we are enjoying them too.
Mmmm, roasted beets and tomatoes sounds like 
a mighty fine combination!

The melon is still climbing the trellis.
Since last week, we've noticed an increase in pollinators,
so perhaps that explains the newly formed fruit.

 Another watermelon was spotted just yesterday.
It's so exciting to grow something new.

 The sweet potatoes are patiently awaiting planting.
I'm trying something new with my sowing lately.
Planting by the moon is an ancient method of determining
the best times to sow crops.
Read about it here.
Hoping to get them in the containers today.

The straw bales are falling apart fairly quickly.
They have been in place for nearly a year,
and will be removed and reused as mulch
for our new raised row garden in the fall.
It will no doubt be a fantastic asset to the new garden!

Summer's heat is full on, 
and the sunflowers are reveling in it.
We are looking forward to seeing this beauty
open up and kiss the sun.

How is your garden growing this summer?

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