Thursday, June 28, 2018

Dreams Come True

A few months ago,
someone answered an ad I placed on a local social media site.
The ad simply stated that I was looking for opportunities 
to help neighbors with yard work or organizing projects.
Funny thing is, that I advertised only in my immediate neighborhood,
so I could still be close enough to home.
A neighbor called me and we worked together on a couple of projects.
She was kind enough to write up a complimentary review
and another referral came from that.

Since February, I've been blessed to work for the most wonderful couple.
They have allowed me to care for their property,
tending flower beds, filling numerous bird feeders,
even taking care of their beloved fur babies.
This is my workplace.
What a dream!

 Many of the plants have been established for some time.
Look at these amazing hydrangea bushes and hostas.
We've been astounded to witness so many different colors on the bush to the right.
Everything from white, to yellow, to pink and lavender.

 This beautyberry is enormous and starting to fill out with buds.
Soon, it will be covered in magenta berries for the birds to enjoy.

 With eight acres to explore,
around every corner is something new to discover.

 This fig tree was severely pruned just weeks ago,
and yet has come back gangbusters.
It has found its happy place.

Numerous perennials return each year,
with some surprises thrown in.
This recently popped up in one of the front beds.

The coneflowers and bee balm have had many visitors this season.


What a thrill to pull up each week
to observe what new beauty awaits.

These lilies recently started blooming.
We will be dividing them after they finish providing their show.

 I have learned so much from this gardener.
She has abundant experience and knowledge
and has been patient with me as I learn and grow.

This is truly a dream job.
Blessings come when you least expect it.
Just stay open.

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