Thursday, December 15, 2016

Thrifty Thursday-Repurposing Old Towels

We're all about thriftiness here.
Part of homesteading is using up what you have
and being creative about finding new uses for items that have lost their initial purpose.
Towels can, over time, become frayed, stained and less absorbent.  
That's when it's time to find another use for them.
Here are a few ways we have found to repurpose old towels:

1.  Weed suppressant-Lay down towels to act as a weed barrier
when forming new beds.
The sun can't penetrate through them and your weed problem will be gone.

2.  Rice packs-Sew various sized pouches and place rice inside, then sew shut.
These can be placed in either the freezer or microwave
(depending on what temperature you need)
and used as hot or cold packs on injuries or aches.

3.  Car pillows-Create travel pillows for road trips
or just to keep passengers comfortable.
Used towels are especially soft after many washings,
and kids will love having their own car pillow.

4.  Moving helpers-Keep breakables safe during a move
with towels acting as cushions for your most treasured fragile items.

5.  Rag bin-The first thing we do with our old towels
is cut them into various sizes to be used as our new rags.
The old rags are then repurposed for other tasks
or composted if they are really worn thin.

6.  Critter Comfort-Animal shelters are always in need of donations.
The towels that you can no longer use for your family
can often be helpful at shelters for bathing animals
or used in their kennels for their comfort.


 So, don't throw those old towels away!
Use them up until they are nothing but threads.
Mother Earth will thank you.

"The trick of living is to slip on and off the planet with the least fuss you can muster.
-Paul Newman


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