Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Farm School Fall Garden Update

My time at Farm School is coming to an end,
but the fall garden is going gangbusters!
My farmer friends Faye & Lynn
have a 7,000 square-foot organic container garden
on their 10-acre farm in Lake Wales, FL.
I've been blessed to be able 
to help them out every weekend
over the last 3 1/2 years.
It's always an adventure!

We uncovered the lettuces to take note 
of how well the squirrel-proofing was working.
The shade cloth protects not only from critters,
but from harsh winds that frequent this area.

Looks like they are doing just fine, thank you!
Take that, you pesky varmints!

More lettuces are awaiting their time in the main garden.
Grow, babies, grow!

The shade cloth has also been used to cover up the 
newly-planted sugar snap peas.

 Guess what?
It worked!
We'll be eatin' some of these tasty morsels in a few weeks!

The pigeon peas and eggplant are growing like nobody's business!
So many goodies, so little time.

On the other side of the garden,
the Asian greens are doing well,
along with the Swiss Chard, tomatoes and kales.

We seeded a new batch of Swiss Chard
in order to be able to have enough
through the rest of the season.
Amazing how such a little seed can feed so many.

Time will tell if these need to be covered as well.

tat soi
So much scrumptiousness in one place.
God does good work.
And so does Farmer Lynn.

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