Friday, October 21, 2016

Simple Bike Repair-Changing a Tire

This is my sweet ride.
You'll find me most evenings (and some mornings)
tooling around the neighborhood.
We also frequent the bike trails at our local state parks.
We are blessed to be able to ride nearly year-round.
That carefree feeling of freedom it provides is priceless.

On a recent trek around the community,
the front tire went flat when I rode over a stick in the road.

Big K told me there was nothing to fixing it.
It sure is nice to have a handy man around!
He bought a new inner tube and took out a couple of tools to aid in the project.

The replacement size needed can be found on the bike's tires.

First, he took the tire off the frame
by removing the nuts holding it in place using a socket wrench.

This piece of metal was used to extricate the tube from the inside of the tire.
He just worked it all around the rim until it came loose.

The new tube was fed into place, starting with the valve stem.
The tube tucked right into the groove inside the tire.

Once the tube was in place, 
the tire was put back on the rim,
and the tube filled with air using a compressor (or foot pump).
He replaced the tire on the frame and we were ready to ride!

So good to have my wheels back again!

It's actually gonna feel like fall this weekend!
 Enjoy your weekend, y'all!

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