Friday, October 28, 2016

Shower Makeover

Well, we're back at it.
We'll be putting our house back on the market this weekend.
After 3 years of trying to sell our home,
our fingers are crossed that this will be the right time for us to successfully sell.
New realtor, new staging (thanks to Sister),
and new hope.
So, spiffing up and paring down is on the agenda.

I'm the chief cleaner in the family,
but this shower just got away from me.
Our master bathroom is one of the best features of our home,
but due to poor water quality and poor initial installation,
this shower was looking mighty ragged.

 It turns out that caulking was used where grout should have been,
and the mold grew even though I clean every week.
No matter what I used, I couldn't get it clean enough.
It's bothered me for a long time,
and we were happy to find a company that could help us make it better.

 The Grout Smith came in and cleaned it up
better than we could have imagined.
It took them 4 hours of prep,
and almost 4 more hours of regrouting and color sealing.
The process is laborious and tedious,
but they got it done.

The first step of the process requires scraping out the old grout
and thoroughly cleaning all the affected surfaces.
They have their own special product that cleans even stubborn mold.
A bottle for us was included in the price of the job,
so that we can keep it looking as good as it does now.

The difference was pretty amazing.
It looks even better than it did when we moved in.
By using the provided cleaner every other week,
it should stay this way.
Big K already said that he doesn't even want to use this shower,
just so that it stays looking so good.

The color sealer takes a full week to properly dry,
so fortunately, we have another shower in the house to use.
We are still astounded at the difference.

We're so glad that we finally called The Groutsmith
to come and beautify our home.
Hopefully, their hard work will help us sell quickly.
The Groutsmith has locations all over the US.
Feel free to browse their website for more information
We couldn't be more pleased with their professional attitude
and work ethic.
They were on time, worked until the job was done,
and even cleaned up after themselves.
We wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to others.
If you decide they can improve your tile work,
tell 'em daisy sent you!

The Groutsmith
(Lakeland, FL)

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