Thursday, September 29, 2016

Thrifty Thursday-Plant Markers

Last Friday, we started our fall vegetable garden.
We are blessed here in Central Florida
to be able to grow a generous variety of crops
at this time of year.
Our weather is much more conducive to growing,
and this gardener has found it to be the best time 
to be out in the veggie beds.
Another bonus is that the bugs seem to find another place to call home,
or maybe sleep the season away,
so pests are almost non-existent.

We love reusing items we already have around the homestead,
especially those destined for the trash or recycle bin.
There is just something so gratifying about finding one more use
for something that might otherwise be considered garbage.

 I'm a glass jar lover.
We use them for everything.
After a while, the lids can get rusty,
and that's okay if food is not being stored in the jars.
I recently replaced some of them with new lids,
and wanted to find a new purpose for the old ones.
Christmas ornaments came to mind as a good fit,
so they were just placed in a kitchen drawer.
Then it hit me!
With the upcoming fall sowiing,
they would make perfect plant markers!

Good 'ole duct tape and  weathered bamboo stakes
from a former bean tepee
brought them together in no time flat.

 They can be used over and over and the duct tape should be fairly weatherproof.

Every time I look outside at our humble veggie bed,
a smile crosses my lips.
It feels so good to be able to find new uses for old things.

What have you repurposed lately?

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