Tuesday, September 20, 2016

The Maple Hill Hop 151

Maple Hill Hop

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Although we still have a good month of summer weather ahead,
we welcome autumn this week with open arms.

Here are a few of our late summer blooms.

We used sweet potato as a ground cover,
and within a few weeks, 
we should be swimming in sweet taters.

 Thankfully, this transplanted butterfly vine
came back and is covering the trellis to hide our A/C unit.

We have a lot of native milkweed growing,
making the monarch butterflies and caterpillars quite content. 

The remnants of this chrysalis 
are evidence of a recent visitor.
We are blessed to continue to host these critters
through the month of October.


 The porterweed continues to be an inviting spot
for bumblebees to frequent.

 Zinnias keep popping up 
in both the front and back gardens.

cactus zinnia

native salvia

gloriosa lily


 There will still be plenty of berries for the birds to enjoy
through the autumn months.

This morning glory was allowed to fill in the former butterfly box.
It treats us daily to beautiful purple blossoms
and heart-shaped leaves.

The blooms are as amazing when they are closed
as they are when they open to the sun.

As summer bows out to make room for cooler temperatures
and the magic of the fall season,
we feel thankful for the beauty that has given us so much pleasure.

That's what's happening where we are.
What's going on in your neck of the woods?
HOP to it!



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