Tuesday, August 2, 2016

The Maple Hill Hop 144

Maple Hill Hop

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Today we're featuring some locally grown fruit.
Real local.
Like, "in the neighborhood" local.  

 Our friends, who live a block over,
have a lot going on in their yard.
The Mister, in particular,
has quite the green thumb.
His front yard is loaded with gorgeous flowers.
(We hope to do a feature on it soon.)

But his banana tree is a sight to see.
Have you ever seen one so loaded with fruit?

The most amazing thing was pointed out to me by his wife.
There are several fingers with 2 or 3 bananas under the same skin.
Isn't that wild?
These bananas are mighty sweet when picked ripe.   

Over at Faye & Lynn's farm,
we needed to tidy up the pineapple patch.
They have a couple dozen plants growing,
but the weeds had gotten a bit out of hand.
Trust me, they're in there!

We took the time to do a count on the growing fruit.

Faye & Lynn had over a dozen pineapples growing,
though none of them were ripe yet.
Once you've grown pineapple,
you'll never eat the canned stuff again. 

Unfortunately, over the past week,
rats have gotten to the fruit before they could be picked.
So Faye & Lynn went ahead and harvested what was growing,
and will let them ripen in the house.
These beauties are too precious to share with those nasty critters.

Summer is marching on here.
The birdsongs make it a bit easier to take.

What's happening where you are?
HOP on!