Friday, August 19, 2016

Plant Profile-Porterweed

Porterweed is a Florida-friendly plant
that thrives in our Zone 9 climate.
(This perennial grows in zones 9-11).
Most of the plants in this group
are drought-tolerant, require no extra fertilizing,
and don't mind our often hot and humid conditions.

This plant was a gift from a neighbor.
The same neighbor who has that amazing banana tree
we featured a while back.

It started out as a spindly seedling,


and has flourished into a thick, bloom-filled bush.
It stands over 6 feet tall now.
We have it planted on the north side of the house,
in the small garden near the front door.
It gets partial sun during the afternoon
and protection from the wind since it grows against the wall.

The blossoms last from early spring into the cooler fall weather.
All types of pollinators visit daily, 
including various types of bees, butterflies and moths.
It's so amusing to watch the bumblebees as they weigh down the delicate branches,
flitting from flower to flower,
drinking in all that goodness.
Porterweed serves as the host plant for the tropical buckeye caterpillar,
as well as a nectar source for several types of butterflies and the hummingbird moth.


Porterweed readily self sows,
so you'll always have plenty to start elsewhere
or gift to friends.
Cuttings can also be started without much effort.
It is as easy to grow as they come,
and will fill your garden with beautiful blue blossoms.
It can be used as a ground cover,
which would make a stunning floral carpet!

 Have a bloomin' good weekend!

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