Friday, March 11, 2016

FeedWare Frugality

I've recently ventured into selling my daisy totes at local outdoor venues.
I have two monthly events now in which to sell,
and that's enough for me.
It's just amazing to me how this all came about, 
and yet, it feels so right.
When things are meant to be,
things just fall into place.

I found my "cash box" at a local thrift store for a few bucks.
I wasn't even looking to buy anything,
and it kind of jumped out at me.

It has enough room for me to store lots of things I need to take with me,
including my change for customers.
The swivel top allows me to keep more tools in the bottom.
I think this was meant to be a jewelry or make-up case,
but we always find new ways to use things.

Take these plastic shutters we found at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore.
I knew they would come in handy for my display.

The day we went there, everything with a pink tag was 1/2 off.
So, we got two shutters for around $6.

On a beautiful winter day, they got the beauty treatment 
with some leftover orange paint we had in the garage.
I like the mottled look.

The shutters allow for a spot to hang totes with clothespins,
as well as a place for our signage.
(We later added more daisy decals.)

 The poles from this trellis that had fallen apart
were being used to divide the squares in the garden.
I thought I could do something a little more practical with them.
The staples didn't want to come out cleanly...

so they were cut down as far as possible
and then covered with some baling twine that we always have around.

Another place to display our daisy totes!

All in all, this flexible tipi worked the best at the last event.
The wind didn't bother it at all.
I'm planning on making a small banner (made out of feed sack material)
 to add to the top.
We also employ a couple of shepherd's hooks 
on which to hang totes.

This ironing board was being thrown out by some neighbors.
It was like brand new, even the cover on the top was spotless.
It allows me to have a surface area to display the various sizes of totes,
as well as a place to house a small basket with my business cards.
And of course, more hanging space!

display at the Lake Wales Car Show

Each time we do an event, I get more ideas,
or we just tweak what could work better.
I love the fact that my entire display
most likely cost under $20!
It pays to be a scrapper!

Enjoy your weekend, y'all
and remember to 

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