Friday, September 25, 2015

Tin Can Tourists

Loving all things vintage,
Big K sent this website to me 
so that I could drool over some of the campers in the  
Tin Can Tourists Club.
Started in 1919 near Tampa, Florida,
this club is still going strong,
encouraging members to enjoy good, clean, wholesome fun
with others who appreciate the way things used to be.

From their website:
"The groups' stated objective was “to unite fraternally all autocampers”. Their guiding principles were clean camps, friendliness among campers, decent behavior and to secure plenty of clean, wholesome entertainment for those in camp. The group known for the soldered tin can on their radiator caps grew rapidly during the twenties and thirties."

Folks from all over the country gather to participate in cookouts, 
meet up with friends, and discuss information about retro trailers. 
In between events, members can touch base
on various social media sources.

There are classified ads if one is looking to 
buy or sell one of these quality homes on wheels,
 but having a vintage camper is not even required for membership.
For those who are owners,
the website has an area to display pictures,
including restoration projects.
A wealth of information can be found
regarding a variety of trailers, such as: identifying campers,
the history of specific trailer companies and
locating parts for restoration.
What a valuable resource for those of us who appreciate vintage.

With groups in virtually every state of the union,
there's sure to be a club near you!
You can find the website here.
Here's a post about The Sisters on the Fly Group.

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