Friday, January 2, 2015

Holiday Storage

Well, it's over folks.
The fat lady has indeed sung
and the mad rush of the holiday season 
is but a memory.
Take a breath.

With the ending of the festivities, comes the disassembling of the tree,
lights, mantle decor and general denuding of our homes.
We don't go all out with decorations,
tending to keep things simple and unfettered.

We thought we'd share with you some of the best ideas for holiday storage.
Starting the year off organized can lead to a whole lotta good habits.
Make this the year where things get put in their proper place,
so that you can concentrate on the more important things in life.

We hope you'll find these ideas inspiring:

1.  Store decorations in clear boxes labeled for the holiday.  
It's a good idea to keep things together by function too.  For example, all outside lights together, tree ornaments and lights, mantel decor, etc.

2.  Whenever possible, keep the original boxes for items.  If that's not feasible, free boxes can be found at most retail stores by asking a manager.  Even specialty boxes like wine bottle cases, which have compartments for storing delicate ornaments can be picked up at no charge.
Consider using old lunch boxes or egg crates for ornaments.

3.  Butcher paper or the paper that comes as packaging material with online orders 
is another way to obtain free supplies.  Bubblewrap or popped popcorn works too for breakable items.

4.  Have a designated area for holiday decor and keep it all together.  
We have an antique trunk in our office in which we store a lot of the indoor holiday garnishes.  It could be old suitcases, a bench, or a selected closet where these items remain when not in use. 

5.  When storing lights, use old wrapping paper rolls or stiff cardboard to wrap the lights around,
keeping them tangle-free.  Several light strands can be stored in a box this way, with no worry about getting broken or damaged.

Savor this new year, this gift of another chance to make  strides, get things right and do good deeds. 

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