Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Maple Hill Hop 9

Maple Hill Hop

Welcome back to
The Maple Hill Hop.
Feel free to share what's going on outside your door.

We went hunting for the first time this weekend.

Christmas tree hunting.

Every year, the state makes trees available to the public
so that they can thin out their overabundance of Sand Pines.
We always get a real tree for Christmas,
but it is usually a Frasier Fir from up north somewhere.
They aren't cheap, but there's nothing like a real tree.

These natives cost 10 bucks and we got to 
choose and harvest our own.
Trees up to 15 feet can be had.

As this will most likely be our last Christmas in Florida, God willing,
we thought it would be a humble parting gesture. 
We're helping out the folks at the department of ag
and enjoying a true piece of Florida history.

If you're interested in participating in this program near Lake Wales, Florida, 
you can get more information here.
If you live elsewhere,
you can check with your local state forest.
Let the decorating begin!

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as part of our Christmas Cookie Tag Series!***

Now, Let's HOP!