Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Homemade Living Series

Welcome back to the 
Homemade Living Series.
Each Wednesday we share our homemade notions.
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 We enjoy making homemade gifts and decorations,
(although this cute guy was a gift).
We decided to add a handmade holiday sign to our outside decor this year.

The needed items are a piece of scrap wood (any size would do),
a pencil, a drill, a string of lights (or a spotlight), and spray paint.

 The wood is easier to work with if it's not too thick.
We had this laying around the garage from another project.

 We don't have a workshop or shed, 
so we just fashioned a work area by laying the wood on top of a plastic tub.
Just draw or write your message on the board
and drill holes over the pencil lines leaving a small gap between the holes.

 Feel free to customize your message.
Here's how it looks with the lights behind it.

We ended up painting it red
with some leftover spray paint,
then I added some white trim.
 This project only took about an hour,
so you still have time to conjure one up! 

Hope you're enjoying the magic of the season!

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