Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Tuesday Tidings

With summer bowing out,
we say goodbye to a few of our favorites
and welcome the opportunity to plant anew.

The square-foot bed had been filled with flowers,
as it is too hot here to grow much in the summer heat.
I'll be working on removing most of this
to make way for fall veggies.

Sunflowers add such cheer to the summer garden.

They look so sad when their appointed time is over.

Saving seed ensures that they will return.

These giant yellow zinnias were a real hit this year.

I'll be saving these seeds for next season.

The curve of these crape myrtle branches seems so graceful,
as if they are just inviting fall into our midst.

The native red salvia attracts butterflies to our little porch -side bed.

While the purple variety adds a pop of my favorite garden color to the backyard bed.

The butterfly vine doesn't seem to be slowing down.
Blooms are still prolific.

The basil seems to be at home in the herb/butterfly garden bed.
It'll be used to make pistou this week.

The dill is making a comeback after being devoured by 
Eastern black swallowtail caterpillars.
We enjoy hosting these amazing critters.

The west side of our house hasn't been worked on too much.
Just enough plants to keep boring at bay.
There is some jasmine and lantana  here.

The rattlebox were kept under control this year.
They grow so tall and tend to take over the whole back bed.

These pods will turn dark,
then pop open and spread the small black seeds everywhere.

We've gotten an average of 2 inches of rain the past two days,
with more in the forecast these next two days.

Hope your garden is getting just what it needs!