Friday, March 22, 2019

Garden Friday

 Welcome to Garden Friday!
We have been loving this rainless (for the most part), sunny week in the garden.
Last weekend I was able to direct sow many of my lettuce and kale varieties.
It felt so good to feel that warm, welcoming soil.

The garlic that was planted in the fall is looking strong!
I'm thinking it might be a good idea to plant a lot more of it,
or do two separate plantings,
as we use this crop almost daily in our cooking.

 The shallots are also coming along
and I need to plant this on a regular basis.
Shallots are the mildest of the onion family
and add so much flavor to dishes.
The bonus is that they are a breeze to grow!

Look at this gorgeous green oakleaf lettuce.
This was planted by seed in October
and is just now taking off.
It is mild and sweet and oh-so tender.

 The leeks planted a few weeks ago are standing tall
and seem to be content in their storage bin home.
These will be "banked" when they get a bit taller.

The beets will soon be transplanted along the perimeter of the garlic bed.
There are golden, early, and Detroit red beets getting their start here. 

There are sweet potatoes soaking inside,
so that I can have slips ready for planting in another month or two.
Our odd little "spa room", as we call it,
is being turned into a greenhouse of sorts,
as it is still too cold to have most seedlings outside.

 It was so exciting to install our first blueberry bushes!
Pine straw mulch was added for insulation,
moisture retention and the acid-giving properties of the pine.

 It's been perfect weather for pruning,
so I took my pruners to this butterfly bush.
C had been commenting that he could hear the branches
rubbing across the siding outside his window.
As is often the case,
this was planted a bit too close to the house.

A few pieces came right out of the ground,
so I will find them some room to groove.

 We used our trailer this past week
to pick up some pallets that someone was giving away.
They'll be used for some project or another.

A fellow Master Gardener donated all of this grapevine
toward my wattle fence project.
I also have a neighbor right down the street
who is giving me all the branches I need to use as stakes.
I can't wait to get started on that!

While clearing out and raking,
I came upon our septic tank opening.
This wood was outlining the area around it.

It was moved and is now serving a more functional use.
Use whatchagot!

I may be jinxing myself,
but I believe spring is here to stay.
So many things to look forward to.
Stay tuned.

Garden On!


  1. Wow - everything looks amazing!! I'm assuming you're getting some pretty nice weather this week? I believe you'll be sharing bits of it with us toward the end of the week (thank you!). We are pretty excited for it. I give you a lot of credit to work with grapevine. It's nice but sure can be challenging. ;)

  2. Yes, our weather is indeed spring-like this week. With just enough rain visiting so that watering is not so necessary. I hope you enjoy some sunshine this week!


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