Friday, October 5, 2018

Garden Friday

It's Garden Friday once again.
The new work area that we put together last week
is such a great place for me to complete tasks.
It is so efficient to have everything within reach.
It makes for a very productive gardener!

 The decision was made to use transplants for the hugelkultur bed,
as direct sowing didn't result in good germination.
Some things came up just fine,
but the beets, lettuces, kales and spinach didn't fare so well.

 Two varieties of beets, chard and tat soi started sprouting this week.
Hopefully, they will keep growing strong!

The carrots in this bin started taking off, although I'm not sure why.
We haven't gotten much rain,
but I've been hand watering pretty consistently.

 Thankfully, the germination rate on the Sugar Snap Peas is better.
Only a few seeds didn't come up,
so they will be resown this weekend.
In front of the peas were 4 types of lettuce sown,
and there is no sign of life anywhere.

 If all I get from this bed is snap peas,
I can live with that.
I still haven't figured out if it's a lack of watering on my part,
or if there is something else going on to prevent the germination.
I ruled out a few things like timing and used new seed,
so it may remain a mystery for a bit longer.

Elsewhere in the garden,
it's a purple haze!
This salvia is adding so much color to the front porch bed.
The pollinators are flocking to it and enjoying sweet nectar.

 The butterfly bush has been blooming for months now.
I think cutting it back so severely in the spring
encouraged new growth.
The bees sure seem to appreciate it!

 Surrounding the salvia is this mass of alyssum
in shades of magenta and pink.
It was planted too early in the season
and didn't start to take off until cooler temps showed up.
With its spreading habit,
it can fill up a bed in no time
and add lots of gorgeous color.

Last week at work, we dug up these Bearded Iris
and I brought some home to share.
A smattering of them will be used on our homestead as well,
and I can hardly wait for the promise of spring and more color out there!

The nasturtiums are a welcome addition to the raised beds.
Not only do they add interest and texture,
but the flowers are edible.

The echinacea started in cell packs are enjoying the cooler weather.
They are tucked safely under the okra
until we transplant them in the downtown boxes on Main Street. 
These perennials have become one of my favorites.

 The butterfly bed is being visited more frequently now,
mostly because of the multi-colored lantana.
We also lay out overripe bananas and melon skins,
so that pollinators can drink up all that luscious liquid.
I'm hoping to add more plants in the spring
to fill it in a bit more.

Although hints of autumn are all around,
summer blooms are still going strong.
The best of both worlds, I'd say.

What's happening in your garden
on this first weekend of autumn?

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