Friday, July 6, 2018

Garden Friday

It's Garden Friday, once again.
The summer heat is hittin' hard,
with little rain having fallen this week.
We have a few odds-n-ends to share today.

The sweet potato slips patiently waited for their turn
to get into the dirt.
With a minimum of three months needed to fully mature,
we may barely squeak in under the wire for a fall harvest.

We are growing ours in containers,
and you can see by the root system that they were just itchin' to get buried.

Each slip had a healthy number of roots
which were covered with our magic compost mix.
They should be snug as bugs in the warm, moist soil.

With only one deep tub in which to plant,
we decided to start with only a handful.
Next year, when the garden is redesigned,
we hope to make a lot more room for these.
Sweet potatoes are one of the most nutritious veggies one can eat.
They store well for long periods too, so they are worth the time and energy.
Did you know you can also eat the greens on top?
Just make sure you have an abundance of them before picking them.
They can be eaten raw or cooked like spinach.

Shallots were harvested this past week.
These are a cinch to grow and they can be used in everything
from humble scrambled eggs to the fanciest of dishes.
They are a bit milder than garlic and onions.
What a treat!

Beets have been gathered, as warm temperatures don't sit too well with them.
I am hoping to be able to get another crop in come fall,
so that these can be enjoyed into the winter months.

Our sweet neighbor behind us allowed me
to plant a few things in her mailbox bed.
I'm working on prettying up the neighborhood,
one mailbox planter at a time.

Once these fill out,
they will make a warm welcome for her when she arrives home from work.
We planted agapanthus, white lantana, Gerbera daisies and English thyme.
With rain predicted for later today,
they should get a good dose of just what they need!

What's new in your garden on this fine, summer day?

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