Thursday, November 10, 2016

Thrifty Thursday-Recent Finds

It's been a busy fall so far,
what with putting the house back on the market,
and Sister Deb coming for a week-long visit.
She had all kinds of ideas about staging the house
and worked non-stop while she was here
to help us get ready for our new listing.

We actually had an offer on the house a few months ago,
but the folks changed their minds when they learned about the HOA,
so we took the listing off market for the rest of the summer.
When Sister came to visit a couple of weeks ago,
she was set on staging our home with lots of little projects.
Some of our belongings are already packed and stored in the garage,
so we are as decluttered as we are gonna get.
We just rearranged some of the things we have for a fresh look.

She cleaned and removed a lot of practical items from the back porch
and we picked up this cute lil' table and chairs from a Craig's List ad.
Instant extra living area.
Of course, I had to find a few flowers for the new hangout.

This pot was found at a recent community-wide yard sale.
Love the blue and white combination.

I got the placemats from the same seller.
We paid $1 for four of them.
The other three are used on the kitchen table and work well with our color scheme.
The funny thing is that the lady I bought them from
is the person who bought the house from a neighbor of mine,
who has since moved to Sarasota.
Wait until I tell her I bought something at her old house.

A thrift store find keeps the sage green theme going.

These two brand new pillows were found at an estate sale two weeks ago.
I like the way they add a pop of color to the hall tree
 that Deb painted on her first day here.
I paid just a few dollars for them both.
They had so many goodies there.

This vintage basket was one of the items picked up at the
39-mile yard sale last weekend.
What a treasure for $5!
I'm sure I'll find some way to repurpose it for something practical.

At the same event, this stool was picked up for $10.
It's large enough to place a book and a cup of coffee on
for those times when I can notch out a bit of reading time in our master bedroom corner.

I was thinking of painting over the patriotic, 
as it doesn't match our color scheme,
but perhaps a cover will do for now
until I find another place for it in our new home.
It would serve us well on a patio or front porch.

Just this week, we had to leave the house for a showing,
so that's always a great excuse for us to go thrifting.
This basket, in perfect condition, was marked at $8,
and the clerk thought the price was too high, 
and sold it to us for $5.
C has needed a new hamper for a while.
This bin holds more than a week's worth of clothes,
in case he forgets to do his wash on Wednesdays.
I like that it's open on the sides too,
so that the clothes can breathe between washings.
For now, it works well here,
but it's another item that can be repurposed in the future.

It feels good to have a fresh, new look to the house,
and hopefully, it appeals to buyers too.
We've gotten really good feedback so far,
so I think we're on the right track.
We'll keep you posted!