Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The Maple Hill Hop 95

Maple Hill Hop

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The Maple Hill Hop.
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 We have been inundated!

 Our passionflower vine has gone plum crazy!
With the onset of summer rains,
it has increased in size many times over.
I'd love to prune it back,
but there's one minor problem.

Mother Nature's blessings are taking care of it for us.
These little guys are doing their best to keep up with the growth. 
Not wanting to disturb them, 
it's best to just leave them to their work.

 They are working in droves to get the job done,
and leaving our poor specimen looking bedraggled.
This is by far the most gulf fritillary caterpillars 
we've ever hosted.
We are definitely outnumbered!
We continue to give them away on Craig's List,
so that others can learn about these fascinating critters.
Last week, a teacher came by to collect quite a few
so that he could peak his students' curiosity.

Fortunately, we are also able to enjoy
many beautiful blooms.

They are hanging outside of our back porch by the dozens.
It's a regular caterpillar condo up there.

 Each morning, we check to see 
who is ready to come out of their chrysalis
and enjoy the wonderful life ahead of them.

Opened just this morning!

 Even the tree frogs are having to share the space.

With probably at least another month of "summer" here,
we are sure to be able to delight in their company
until the cooler weather sets in.
Then the bush will be cut back severely,
knowing it will bounce right back for next season's visitors.
It's a wondrous sight to see our backyard
filled with streaks of bright flaming flyers.
They truly help me get through the heat of the summer.

What's happening where you are?
HOP to it!


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