Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Hold That Thought!

This is an example of the power of thought.
We've had a picture of this red Ranger
on our vision board for about a year.
Lil' Guy also had one posted on the wall in his room.

We've looked on and off (mostly off)
for one over the past year.
We knew at the price of between $650-$800,
we couldn't afford to buy a new one.
We even found one in the Carolinas
that we were pulling all kinds of strings to obtain,
only to find out that it had been sold a few days earlier.
We basically put it on the back burner.

Until the week before Lil' Guy's birthday.
Big K was doing an overall search through
the whole of Craigs' List and one came up.

It was red.
It was still available.
It was 30 minutes away.
The price was unbelievable.

This week the parts should come in
so that the boys can work on it.
Big K had already refurbished a jeep and a fire truck,
making them look like new with some paint and a few tweaks.
As Lil' Guy grows, so do his toys.

The money that I had put away little by little for a new ride-on
was exactly what we paid for this beauty.

The kicker?
The money we got for selling his Gator
will cover all the expenses for the new parts.

It pays to keep a good thought.
Life is good...