Friday, October 29, 2010


We are taking a stab at growing our own strawberries this year. I got this plant from Debbie at Barefoot Gardener quite a while back and have watched it come into bloom. It's delightful as it is, even without the gift of delicious pleasure it provides.
I am thinking it might be best to keep it out of our square-foot vegetable patch,
as I've read that it should not be grown where you've had tomatoes, eggplant
and other types of crops.
Guess that leaves maybe a pot or a separate plot within the backyard bed.
I found a great deal of information about growing these sweet treats here:
Strawberries are one of the most versatile fruits, lending themselves well to desserts,
fruit salads, smoothies or just plain 'ol noshing. I remember my mom always telling me
that fruit here in the states didn't taste like it did back home for her.
Strawberries were supposed to be red
all the way through.
Since diving into the world of organics, I now see the difference.
The price you pay for organics is worth the investment.
Being able to grow our own was the next logical step.
Guess I have some more reading to do!